Shack re-organised for Christmas

Most people are spending time getting ready for friends and family descending on their house for the Christmas festivities, but yours truly, under orders from the station manager has been busy trying to sort out the home office, which doubles as the Shack / Workshop / Broadcast Studio.

The main issue was that I had a mammoth sized broadcast mixer taking up a huge amount of space and all the Radio gear was piled high on my work desk, which was not conducive to the day job. I therefore took the plunge to sell the broadcast desk (I have another in garage if I ever need to do some broadcast work anyway) and utilise the space more wisely and this is what I have come up with:


It certainly has cleared up a huge amount of space on the desk & I can now get to work sorting the rest of the office! The big pipe snaking up to the window is the Air Con which is essential during the summer when all the gear plus no less than 5 computers can be on at the same time.