New Appointment as RSGB Region 12 Regional Representative

It is with great excitement I have been accepted for the post of Region 12 Regional Representative of the RSGB.

This post, working with the district reps is a vital interface between the Radio Society of Great Britain and it’s members.

It is an important conduit which represents the RSGB to the grass roots of the hobby, helps distribute information to clubs, represents the RSGB at Rally’s and other events, and also takes up issues on behalf of members and brings them to the attention of the RSGB.

Having served as a District Rep for just over a year and with Keith Gaunt stepping down as RR12, I thought it better that I stepped up to have a go at this position rather than it be left vacant and run by a caretaker rep from another area.

It is a challenging job, which is even more daunting due to the size of the area I now cover, which includes Cambridgshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.

I look forward to meeting as many clubs and amateurs as I can over the coming months & will do my best to represent the best interest of the hobby for both the RSGB and it’s members.