rsgb-logo-colour-high-resNational representation for radio amateurs is in the hands of the Radio Society of Great Britain, of which I am a member.

The society hosts a great deal of services for the radio community which I will not go into on this page, but you can find out more about themĀ HERE.

I have been appointed the Regional Representative for District 12 whilst maintaining the role of District rep for Region 123, a position which will be very much a role that I can develop. The main function of the Regional Representative is be a two way conduit between Radio Amateurs and Shortwave Listeners and the RSGB, between members, clubs and societies and visit clubs and local rallies. Recruitment of new members is also up there as a priority, as representation to bodies like the IARU carries more weight when you have a large body of members behind you! The RSGB can achieve more for it’s members with organisations like OFCOM , than the individual can. It is in this role, I hope to help Amateurs enjoy their radio’s and also help new people into the hobby.

In addition, back in 2015 I became a news reader for GB2RS, the weekly news service of the RSGB, which I broadcast every Sunday at 09:00 on 145.525 and 433.525 Mhz. I take signal reports after the transmission on 144.725Mhz in order to clear the frequency for readers in neighbouring areas.

The RSGB is also quite active out & about, with District Representatives, like my immediate boss Keith Gaunt G7CIY, and Regional Representatives like me and the other District Reps that visit clubs, the ubiquitous RSGB Bookstall which finds it’s way to many radio rallies and also supports the National Convention which is now held yearly in Milton Keynes. This by the way is also the location of the National Radio Museum, at the home of the code-breakers: Bletchley Park.