Silent Key Sale

I have a vast range of equipement from the silent key sale of Philip Durham, G3ZOX. All proceeds will go to his widow, Betty and a full list of the remaining equipement will be posted (Here).

Please contact me if tyou would like to make an offer on any of the items.

RSGB Duties call:

Its been a great spring time. Apart forom catching the dreaded COVID (Omicron variant thank goodness), I have been out and about at Rallies witht he RSGB Bookstall.

Dave La Haye RR12, with DR121 Melvyn & DR125 Iain at the Cambridge Repeater Rally @ Foxton

Still to come with have more events coming at ESWR (Ipswich Rally) takes place in Kirton on Sunday June 19 starting at 09:00

Other events like Kings Lynn and Barford are also being discussed with the view of having RSGB representation at both.

Out of Lockdown, Back to Work

Following many clubs coming out of lockdown, I have been really busy, not only having attended a number of LEFARS field events, but also re-engaging with a number of clubs with my RSGB RR12 hat on.

Working on the Bookstall at both the Huntingdon Radio Rally and the Cambridge repeater Rallies in September was a welcome return to some sort of normality with many people taking advantage of the Rallies to get out and about.

In addition, a physical visit to Braintree and District Radio Amateur Society (BADARS) was a welcome outing and an on-meeting with Cambridge and District Amateur Radio Club, kept me busy answering questions on a number of subjects.

Still to come in October I have a physical meeting with Sudbury and District Radio Amateurs (SAnDRA) and an on-line meeting with Thurrock Acorns.

I am currently enjoying my tenure as RR12 for the RSGB. Hopefully my enthusiasm for the hobby, honesty and willingness to help will demonstrate that the RSGB is there to support everyone in the hobby and to give a great service to it’s members.

Now, only if I had some time to play radio!!

SSL Woes sorted!

I was alarmed after some people that log into my repeater dashboard via this site said that there was an SSL issue with it.

Fortunately for my Repeater website, I host that on my own dedicated web servers that are run by my own company F.O.I.T Ltd or Farm Out IT! Sorting SSL’s for that site is a doddle, but this site pre-dates that site and is still hosted on 1and1 Ionos.

A quick phone call to Ionos and a bit of whinging later and they sorted it.. But I have to say that their SSL application process was as clear as mud, and their own help pages were returning a 500 error and were unavailable!

Anyway, they sorted it now, so all is well and good until December when the SSL will require renewing!

21st Century Radio

At long last I have finally taken the plunge and bought an SDR Tranceiver, and it is simply the best thing I have ever done!

The Flex 6300 SDR Tranceiver. A Radio without Knobs!

Smart SDR, the interface is exceptionally feature rich. I have upgraded to version 3 which allows remote access from multiple agents.. I have the agent on my laptop, my ipad and even my phone and can log in and run the radio from anywhere I have an internet connection.

Why go for an SDR? Well thing is the radio is the software.. which gets updated and improved all the time. The only way you can improve old radio’s is by getting a soldering iron out and hacking around with components and the like, but when most of the work is done in software, then mods are a snap.

The filtering is unbelievable and allows me to hear stations I could not hear on the Icom IC746. Even before applying filtering, 80m is now usable. The only fly in the ointment at the moment is that this radio did not have the internal ATU installed, and to get one would cost almost half of what I paid for the radio in the first place.

In order to run 2 aerials and to be able to remotely switch between them, that requires two auto ATU’s! One for each aerial socket!

Other than that, I am mightily impressed.

Actually, did I say a radio without knobs? Well I lied.. I got this as well…