The Current Shack

This Picture of the Shack is a little out of date and still shows the Ten Tech Triton, which has gone to make way for my Flex SDR, a MFJ-969 and MFJ 49E, which I use on the Wire antenna for matching the Flex, one for each aerial socket as there is no internal tuner fitted. These also replace the Yaesu auto-tuner that’s in the pic. I have also moved the weather station away from the radio bench as it was getting knocked about by the RF! In fact it is about time I provided a new picture, which will also show the new repeater GB7CH, but I will need to tidy up first!

Radios (Shack):

Flex Radio 6300; Icom IC746; Yaesu FT-736R

Antennas (Aerial Farm):

Currently using: Primary Antenna: Alpha Delta DX-CC multiband fan dipole / secondary antenna: 1/2 size G5RV /  Cushcraft MA5B / Jaybeam 70cm Quad Vertical array / D-Original X300 Colinear / 137Mhz Turnstile Antenna (Weather Sats).

Also in the Aerial Hangar: Windom 40 / Folded doublet with 300 ohm feed / Jaybeam D8/2M  / Jaybeam three element Tri-Bander; 4 Element 4m Beam, 6 Element 2m Quad and a 4 element 2m vertical / Horizontal polarised 2m Beam.

Note: not all antennas are mounted or in use at the same time, they get rotated around a bit! Permanent fixtures ATM are the Alpha Delta wire / MA5B / Colinear. The 1/2 G5RV is temporary and may shortly be replaced by the Windom. The 4m Beam might be relegated to portable use.

Other Equipment:

Yaesu FL-2100B Linear /  Microwave Modules MML144/100B Linear / Diawa Power – SWR meter CN-801 / MFJ-1025 Noise cancelling signal enhancer  / MFJ-969 Deluxe Versa Tuner / Yaesu G1000DXC rotator & controller / Yaesu FP-757HD PSU / Dx PS30SW II PSU / Nissei SJCD-308 Desk Microphone / N98FY Weather Station

Radios (Portable)

TYT MD380 / Baofeng UV5r (x2).

Radios (Mobile):

Icom IC706 / Icom IC706 Mk2 G (currently sick!).

Antennas (Mobile):

Moonraker MD7400 (HF) / Diamond NR7900 / Super Gainer SG7900 / Sirio Blueline 2000 turbo

Portable operations:

Clark Scam 12 mast / Racal 12m PU mast / 2 x 10m ‘roach poles’ / 8 Meter Tactical Fibreglass mast (for inverted V NVIS) / Jaybeam Tribander / Windom 40 wire antenna / Jaybeam D8/2M / Clansman Wire (Kevlar) aerial and balun / Yamaha 2000w ‘silent’ generator.

Computers / Software:

Windows 10 PC i7 4gb with HRD / U5 LINK for Icom (Data interface) / Windows 10 Dell i5 4gb Laptop with HRD / also Log4OM and FLDigi. Other software includes Live MUF and Radio Mobile for Windows.


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