The blog of Radio Amateur Dave De La Haye

Amateur Radio Operator M0MBD

I have had a long time interest in radio communications while he was still at school in the 70’s, and also enjoyed a healthy interest in electronics, which developed into a career, starting with a job testing and repairing audio mixers, amplifiers and lighting controllers for a market leading manufacturer Citronic), and then moving onto digital equipment repairing computer peripherals and communications equipment like teleprinters and fax machines in the workshop of a Third Party Maintenance company (Kode Computers).

My professional life kind of took over and I moved more into Computer systems and network maintenance, and ended up as a support technician working of a number of companies including Siemens IT Services, supporting major clients like Londis and B&Q Head Office.

After being made redundant at Siemens I then went on to work for some smaller companies before working as a senior support analyst for FOIT Ltd, which provides managed services for small to medium size businesses.

After taking a break from amateur radio to pursue a career in electronics and IT, and to raise a family. Realizing that it was no longer a requirement to learn morse to obtain an ‘A’ License, I joined a local radio club (Loughton and Epping Forest Radio Society) and gained my ‘Foundation’ License in March 2013, working continuously to get also my ‘Intermediate’ License, and gaining my Advanced License in July 2013, from zero to advance in around 4 months, which was a restriction due to the exam dates available!

I have been busy since making up for lost time:

After building up my home station, I then spent my time becoming a committee member of LEFARS, then went on to become a District Representative and then a Regional Representative for the RSGB. In addition to this I became the Chairman of the Regional Forum, where the Regional Team all meet monthly to discuss matters arising from the membership and performing tasks as required by the RSGB Board and RSGB HQ.

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